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The abstractions are an integrated system of symbols from movements, not unlike a calligraphic or picture language. These paintings intend to form a more universal, unspoken language, derived form gesture, much like the sign language of the hearing impaired - our most successful universal language to date.


They do not "pick up where modernism leaves off". They are primitive. And by considering, and sometimes bowing to the modern, they move beyond. They are not intended to be special, as that would inhibit the communication any language would impart. The importance of the artificial language movements of the last century have influenced direction in my art but have little to do with the formation of symbols since these movements involved the rearrangement of letters already in use, phonics, and sounds.

It is through the action of the doer that this language is controlled. But it can only be controlled through abandonment. Any "forced move" shows up as false to the medium, or doer of this action. So, achieving a certain state of mind is necessary. This state varies from moment to moment. It is like a prayer or meditation. The meanings of the specific symbols are complex concepts that are difficult to put into words alone, although the definition of each symbol is its title (or meaning). Some symbols may need more than a sentence or two to define the concept, and still there is an ambiguity due to our language constraints. I hope to create a system of symbols that will enhance all languages and exist as a universal code above and beyond them. These symbols will be able to be strung together or used in conjunction with ordinary words in sentences - much like the emoticons used in email.

Not unlike the dadaist of the early twentieth century, I believe the creative energy and process to be sufficient - the end product a mere shadow of the act. My art is intended to be a stairway to ultimately freeing the mind of the need to prove, satisfy or create - and hopefully please or provoke. The intent is a constant move towards simplicity. Over time the work zooms in on detail, gets larger and more surface as it telescopes inward.

Notwithstanding, my journey as an artist - giving my life to the process of it because it is a psychological need - all things beyond the action of creating becoming secondary, I believe : The high mission of any art is, by its illusions, to foreshadow a higher universe reality, to crystallize the emotions of time into the thought of eternity.











The Artificial Language Movement has met with failures and successes over the past three centuries of its recorded history. Most of this history is rather academic since no artificial language has ever actually taken root in society. The main direction of research and study has been one dealing with phonics, syllables, and an amalgamation of existing spoken tongues, based on various rationale. Linguistics, as a discipline, has much inspirational data to lend to Artificial Language development, as does the emerging field of Identity Theory. And both are related to it and indispensable. But when it comes to actual success in the field of society, the most universal systems of communication are still the sign languages used by the hearing impaired.     I believe that is because signing is based on human gesture. And gesture can be translated into symbols. My work is the creation of universal symbols, based on gestures, delivering perhaps, more precise overall meaning to an already existing tongues.


The end product of the symbol or glyph must be arrived at by system of research, action, and editing. Research of picture languages throughout history is extensive and time consuming, especially considering the latest discoveries concerning Mayan hieroglyphics and the possible emergence of universal symbolism in some "gang tagging".    Asian picture languages, which are based more on gesture, also present a huge opportunity for researching the formation of conceptual thought in phonetic language systems. Making the art and editing it into symbols simple enough for humans to experiment with is my work .


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